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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is "RealEstateWebSiteCreator"?
What Knowledge is Required?
What Knowledge is NOT Required?
What Tools and Equipment are Required?
What Tools and Equipment are NOT Required?
When and from Where can a user make changes or update Site?
How long does it take that Changes take affect?
Who Can Do What?

How To Do Different Tasks (Step-By-Step Instructions)

How to Register the Site? Register Site
How to add/delete Groups? Update Groups
How to add/delete/Modify Leaders? Update Leaders
How to Select Colors? Select Colors
How to Upload Logos? Select Logo
How to Upload Documents/Flyers? Upload Docs
How to Announce News? Update News
How to Publish Events? Update Events
How to Upload Agent's Picture? Agents Pictures
How to Add New Listings? Update Listings
How to Add/Change Pictures Listings? Update Listings
How to Modify Listings? Update Listings
How to Delete Listings? Update Listings

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